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Together with our clients and partners wchallenge today’s possibilities and enable the unthinkable. Our purpose is to boost the Regenerative Medicine ecosystem and facilitate the translation of promising novel cell and gene therapies.

As a team we share a drive to promote people’s health, wellbeing, and happiness by accelerating promising cell and gene therapies into the clinic, onto the market and so to the patients. We bridge between cutting edge research and clinical GMP production. 

At NecstGen you will be challenged and supported to leverage your skills and expertise to make an impact. We know that people are the foundation of successes and invest in excellent benefits, a healthy supportive working environment, flexible hours, and training & development. Yet more important than perks and salary: When you join NecstGen the aim is not to have you work for the company but enable you to co-define the company. Join us and find pride and purpose in becoming a co-author of our story and the next chapter of Regenerative Medicine. 

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ITIL Change specialist
  • Leiden, Netherlands
Lead Scientist Cell Therapy
Cell Therapy Development
  • Leiden, Netherlands
Downstream Process (DSP) Lead for Viral Vector
Gene Therapy Development
  • Leiden, Netherlands
Upstream Process (USP) Lead for Viral Vector
Gene Therapy Development
  • Leiden, Netherlands
Head of Viral Vector Development
Gene Therapy Development
  • Leiden, Netherlands
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Open Application
  • Leiden, Netherlands

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Prof. Ton Rabelink
Gerard van Loon
Paul Bilars
Benjamin Sieters
Project Management
Juan Novoa
Technician Cell Therapy
Luis Ricardo
Head of Quality Assurance
Melissa van Pel
Head of Cell Therapy Development
Geertje Janssen
HR Business Partner
Tristan Pritchard-Meaker
Head of Business Development
Hans Nieuwenhuys
Adviser Purchasing
Annemieke Slings
Management Assistent
Madelon Fekkes
Sr. Quality Assurance Specialist
Jeroen Wesseling
Business Controller
Rinske Hulsker
Head of Quality Control
Rouven Wolf
Downstream Processing Specialist

Strategic Advisory Board

Prof. Sander van Deventer is certified internist and gastroenterologist. He was the first to administer the first commercial monoclonal antibody (Remicade®) to patients with Crohn’s disease. He supervised the development of Glybera, the first gene therapy product to be approved in Europe, and several other gene therapy products. In 1995, he became director of the laboratory for Experimental Internal Medicine at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. In 1998 Prof. van Deventer co-founded uniQure B.V., developing AAV-based gene therapy products. Since 2018, he is professor of Translational Gastroenterology at the Leiden University Medical Center.

Dr. Markwin Velders obtained his PhD in molecular immunology at Leiden University. He was CSO at AM-Pharma, a biopharma company developing treatment for acute kidney injury. In 2013, he was involved in NKI spin-off T-Cell Factory. There he played a crucial role in its acquisition by Kite Pharma. From 2015 until 2020, Markwin Velders worked as Vice President Operations at Kite Pharma. After the company’s acquisition by Gilead, in 2017, Markwin headed the establishment of its CAR-T commercial manufacturing site, in Hoofddorp. As of 2017 he is chairman of the board of HollandBIO, the association of Dutch biotech companies. Markwin Velders brings over 19 years of experience at leading positions in various biotech companies.

Johan Hyllner obtained his doctorate at the University of Gothenburg. Since 2012, he is adjunct Professor of engineering biology at the department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology at Linköping University, Sweden. Throughout the last 20 years, Johan was a C-level executive at Cellectis, Cellartis, SQC Lab and Vitrolife and built these cell therapy companies into successful international businesses. From 2013 he held the position as CSO of the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult Ltd. In 2019, he joined AstraZeneca, where he is leading Cell Therapy BioPharmaceuticals R&D. Here, he is responsible for the discovery and development of cell therapy based projects. Prof. Hyllner brings vast experience in applied research through development to global marketing, manufacturing and commercialization of advanced cell-based products. 


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